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Hindi-English > अटका हुआ

अटका हुआ in English

pronunciation:[ ataka hua ]  sound:  
अटका हुआ sentence in Hindi
• stuck
अटका:    entangled
हुआ:    howl lnk was
1.Bottom left: The same courthouse, post-1955. Note the missing statue at the far right. Muhammad statue had been at the westerly end of the 25th Street side but the other statues on that side were moved one spot to the west in 1955, so that the empty plinth is now at the easterly end. Right: The New York Muhammad statue, described by the New York Times showing the prophet “of average height, but broad-shouldered, with thick, powerful hands. Under his turban, his brows are prominent and frowning. A long, heavy beard flows over his robe. In his left hand, he holds a book, symbolizing the new religion he founded, and in his right, a scimitar, connoting the Moslem conquest.” The empty pedestal, where Muhammad stands no more.
न्यायालय की इमारत की छत के खाली स्थान को भरने के लिये जुर्मुहलेन को शेष नौ प्रतिमाओं को फिर से निर्धारित करना पडा ताकि खाली स्थान को भरा जा सके। इस क्रम में जरथुस्त्र को मोहम्मद के स्थान पर लगाया गया। आधी शताब्दी के उपरांत भी न्यायालय परिसर में मामला अटका हुआ है।

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