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Hindi-English > पेशबंदी

पेशबंदी in English

pronunciation:[ peshabamdi ]  sound:  
पेशबंदी sentence in Hindi
• forestalling

• hedging
1.Islamism has turned out to be its own best antidote. (Not coincidentally, so was communism.) In Algeria, however, Mr. Gerecht finds that the repression of radical Islam led to disaster. As Islamists were on their way to an electoral victory in 1992, the military stepped in and aborted the voting, leading to years of civil war. Washington acceded to this coup d'état because of what Mr. Gerecht calls a belief that “the dictatorial regimes we supported, no matter how unpleasant, were more likely to evolve politically in a direction we wanted than elected fundamentalists who did not really believe in democracy.”
अपनी संक्षिप्त पुस्तक “इस्लामिक विरोधाभास - शिया मौलवी , सुन्नी कट्टरपंथी और अरब में लोकतंत्र का आगमन ” में श्री गेरेच अपने विचार प्रस्तुत करते हैं. तुष्टीकरण करने वालों के विपरीत वे न तो कोई पेशबंदी करते हैं और न ही स्वयं को किसी भ्रम में रखते हैं .उनका विश्लेषण काफी कठोर और चालाक भी है.परंतु उनका निष्कर्ष मौलिक रुप से दोषपूर्ण है .

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