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Hindi-English > यंत्रवत्

यंत्रवत् in English

pronunciation: [ yamtravat ]  sound:  
यंत्रवत् sentence in Hindi
1.What we've found is that mechanically ventilated air
हमने पाया है कि यंत्रवत् हवादार हवा वो है

2.You'll see that, in the mechanically ventilated air,
आप देखेंगे कि यंत्रवत् हवादार हवा में,

3.We looked at rooms that were mechanically ventilated,
हमने यंत्रवत् हवादार कमरे देखे,

4.Which are the mechanically ventilated air,
जो यंत्रवत् हवादार हवा हैं ,

5.Which is mechanically ventilated air,
जो यंत्रवत् हवादार है,

6.There was a widespread belief that it was not necessary to understand the meaning of the Vedic hymns : a mechanical and correct recitation of the hymns was all that was insisted upon .
यह एक सामान्य विश्वास था कि वैदिक सूक़्तों का अर्थज्ञान अनिवार्य नहीं है.सूक़्तों के यंत्रवत् सही उच्चारण का ही आग्रह होता था .

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