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English-Hindi > aec

aec meaning in Hindi

aec sentence in Hindi
1.Yet the AEC let the Pentagon go ahead with its tests.

2.AEC Chairman Lewis Strauss had pressed for Lawrence's inclusion.

3.W . Strauss was later appointed by Eisenhower as AEC Chair.

4.Nichols became General Manager of the AEC on 2 November 1953.

5.AEC MkIII Recovery Trucks were replaced by Foden GS Recovery 6X6.

6.It was also now being fitted to 45 hp AEC chassis.

7.Elections are conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission ( AEC ).

8.He ordered the short-tailed AEC Reliances to replace them.

9.However, the AEC did not pursue a case against her.

10.Ars Electronica Center is at www . aec . at/

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