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English-Hindi > air commodore

air commodore meaning in Hindi

air commodore sentence in Hindi
एअर कोमोडोर
एयर कोमोडोर

एयर कमोडोर
air    वायुमंडल
commodore    कप्तान कमाडोर
1.Air Commodore Alan Charlesworth was appointed AOC Eastern Area in December 1943.

2.He rose to the rank of Air Commodore before retiring in 1931.

3.NATO air commodore David Wilby told reporters at alliance headquarters in Brussels.

4.Air Commodore David Wilby told reporters during a briefing at NATO headquarters.

5.In September 1944, Cole handed NWA over to Air Commodore Alan Charlesworth.

6.In Brussels, NATO Air Commodore David Wilby did not confirm those details.

7.He eventually retired from the service as a Air Commodore in 1978.

8.He was also made the Honorary Air Commodore of Auxiliary Air Force.

9.Air Commodore Rajesh Isser was appointed Task Force Commander of Operation Rahat.

10.His rank as an Air Commodore was confirmed on 1 July 1947.

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