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English-Hindi > angus og

angus og meaning in Hindi

angus og sentence in Hindi
ऐंगस औग्स
angus    एंगस ऐंगस
1.Angus Og has been described as the " archetypal cartoon teuchter ".

2.Angus Og Macdonald succeeded in taking prisoner both his father and Hector Odhar Maclean.

3.Angus Og appears in The Crock of Gold ", where his aid is solicited by the Philosopher.

4.In 1480 Angus Og Macdonald " ( Aonghas �g ) " at the Battle of Bloody Bay.

5.However, when he arrived on the scene he sided with the leader of the insurgents, Angus Og Macdonald.

6.It is possible that this individual was either a nephew, or an otherwise unknown son and successor of Angus Og MacDonald.

7.A year afterwards Archibald MacAlister and Angus Og MacDonald were accused of being rebels, charged with treason and hanged in Edinburgh Tollbooth.

8.With MacDonald's death, surviving sources indicate that the leadership of the family fell to his younger brother, Angus Og MacDonald.

9.However Angus Og's grandson, D�mhnall of Islay, Lord of the Isles married the first female heiress of the Earl of Ross.

10.With the death of his father in about 1293, MacDonald succeeded as Lord of Islay, and the chiefship of the Angus Og MacDonald.

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