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English-Hindi > angus wilson

angus wilson meaning in Hindi

angus wilson sentence in Hindi
ऐंगस विल्सन
angus    एंगस ऐंगस
wilson    विल्सन
1.Angus Wilson was the best British novelist of the postwar period.

2.Ask not, as Angus Wilson might have put it, for whom the cloche tolls.

3.Then she remembered the exhaustive research required for her biographies of Arnold Bennett and Angus Wilson.

4.After taking a hiatus for a few years, he was asked to design the covers for six Angus Wilson novels.

5.Spenser subsequently produced documentaries about figures such as Benny Hill, Angus Wilson, Dodie Smith and Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies.

6.The book was received well by the British press, and received positive reviews from critic Walter Allen and novelist Angus Wilson.

7.Writing literary works is comparable to magic and trickery, according to Angus Wilson, a confidence trick to make people believe in something that is untrue.

8.It is well known for its creative-writing programme, established by Malcolm Bradbury and Angus Wilson, whose graduates include Kazuo Ishiguro and Ian McEwan.

9.Angus Wilson called Burns " one of the two or three most interesting new novelists working in England . " Burns died in London, aged 83.

10.Council chairman Angus Wilson of Oregon, an outspoken backer of the salmon strategy, said it's unfair to blame staffers for the actions of the council they serve.

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