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English-Hindi > bos grunniens

bos grunniens meaning in Hindi

bos grunniens sentence in Hindi
• सुरागाय
• बौज़ ग्रूनियन्स
1.Among domesticated animals, yaks ( " Bos grunniens " ) are the highest dwelling animals of the world, living at.

2.It obtains food on the ground, eating a wide range of arthropod prey, often obtained by probing yak ( " Bos grunniens " ) dung and turning it over to flush the prey out.

3.The "'domestic yak "'( " Bos grunniens " ) is a long-haired Himalaya region of southern Central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and as far north as Mongolia and Russia.

4.The species was originally designated as " Bos grunniens " ( " grunting ox " ) by an official ruling in 2003 permitting the use of the name " Bos mutus " for wild yaks, and this is now the more common usage.

5.Yaks grunt and, unlike cattle, are not known to produce the characteristic bovine lowing ( mooing ) sound, which inspired the scientific names of both yak variants, " Bos grunniens " ( grunting bull ) and " Bos mutus " ( silent bull ).

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