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English-Hindi > european blackbird

european blackbird meaning in Hindi

european blackbird sentence in Hindi
european    यूरोपवासी युरोप
blackbird    श्यामापक्षी
1.Namely camels, deer, starling, domestic pigeon, European blackbird and the spotted turtle-dove.

2.Daws being jackdaws, being European blackbirds.

3.European blackbirds and song thrushes ( self-introduced around 1950 ) are also thought to be predators of the snail.

4.North American blackbirds, on the other hand, are " unrelated " to the European Blackbird and the American Robin & mdash; they are Icterids.

5.:: To expand on the topic : While the American Robin is not closely related to the European Robin, it " is " closely related to the European Blackbird.

6.The austral thrush is similar to the European blackbird, also of the genus " Turdus ", with a yellow bill and feet, a dark brown head, back and wings and paler underparts.

7.So the American Robin is closer to the European Blackbird than either of them is to the European Robin or the Red-winged Blackbird !  Preceding contribs ) 23 : 31, 19 December 2007 ( UTC)

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