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English-Hindi > flag day

flag day meaning in Hindi

flag day sentence in Hindi
झंडा दिवस
झंड़ा दिवस
flag    झंडा झंडी एक तरह का
day    फ़तह अवसर चौबीस
1.The March 9 10, 1804, event is remembered as Three Flags Day.

2.Wade Boggs will be staring at the Big Four-Oh on Flag Day.

3.May, June and July bring Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day.

4."Flag Day is a platform to celebrate our heritage, " he said.

5.Niyazov's birthday is celebrated nationwide and coincides with the country's Flag Day.

6.Flag Days, beach and park cleaning, and other volunteer works are examples.

7.Flag Day is celebrated every May 28 in honor of this battle.

8.The date is still commemorated in the state as Alaska Flag Day.

9.To underscore its decision, the high court announced it on Flag Day.

10.Next week we will honor the flag on Flag Day, June 14.

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