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English-Hindi > gaussian distribution

gaussian distribution meaning in Hindi

gaussian distribution sentence in Hindi

गाउसीय वितरण
distribution    वितरण विभाजन
1.A Poisson distribution is discrete, a Gaussian distribution is continuous.

2.This approach approximates a typical chromatogram curve as a Gaussian distribution curve.

3.In many cases, the author assumes a gaussian distribution.

4.It is related to brownian motion and gaussian distributions.

5.This can be computed using a Gaussian distribution function.

6.A pixel matches a Gaussian distribution if the Mahalanobis distance

7.This is also more flexible than some other symmetric generalizations of the Gaussian distribution.

8.A slightly better model of microfacet distribution can be created using a Gaussian distribution.

9.Peirce's criterion is derived from a statistical analysis of the Gaussian distribution.

10.Similar to Gaussian distribution, normalized distribution for "'?X "'

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