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English-Hindi > independent television

independent television meaning in Hindi

independent television sentence in Hindi
इंडिपेन्डेन्ट टेलिविज़न
independent    निर्दलीय अनाश्रित
television    टेलीविजन दूरदर्शन
1.Africa Independent Television was the first privately owned terrestrial station in Nigeria.

2.By 1991 Mentorn had become Britain s largest independent television production company.

3.A grenade attack on an independent television station produced fresh anger Tuesday.

4.Except for few entertainment programs, there is no independent television in Croatia.

5.He coached Spartak before becoming a sportscaster for the Independent Television Network.

6.Several independent television stations exist in Croatia, but they only broadcast locally.

7.Independent Television News said it was considering its response to the invitation.

8.The entertainment editor of Independent Television Network said the government had overreacted.

9.There are some indies in radio who are also independent television producers.

10.The company said it has made preliminary enquiries at the Independent Television Commission.

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