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English-Hindi > mongol dynasty

mongol dynasty meaning in Hindi

mongol dynasty sentence in Hindi
मंगोल राजवंश
mongol    मंगोल मंगोलिया
dynasty    वंश वंश परंपरा
1.Between the 13th and 16th centuries, various Turco-Mongol dynasties ruled Taron.

2.Only the nobles and princes belonging to the ruling Mongol dynasty had access to the book.

3.After the conquest of Persia by the Mongol Empire, a regional Turko-Persio-Mongol dynasty formed.

4.A small Mongol Dynasty, Qara Del, was founded in Hami where the Uighurs also lived in 1389.

5.The exact date that the control of Turfan and other areas of Uighurtsan was transferred to another Mongol Dynasty, Chagatai Khanate, is unclear . ).

6.The Timurids, self-designated Gurkn + , were a Turko-Mongol dynasty, established by the warlord Timur in 1370 and lasting until 1506.

7.It describes the Yuan dynasty as " A Mongol dynasty of China that ruled from 1271 to 1368, and a division of the great empire conquered by the Mongols.

8.In the south, the Golden Horde's lands bordered on the Black Sea, the Caucasus Mountains, and the territories of the Mongol dynasty known as the Ilkhanate.

9.Muslim incursions resumed under later Turkic and Central Asian Mongol dynasties with more local capitals, who supplanted the Caliphate and expanded their domains both northwards and eastwards and led to the establishment of the Delhi Sultanate.

10.They departed in March 1339 and after a long and perilous journey reached their destination, Khanbalique in 1342 and were received by the Great Khan, who was the last of the Mongol dynasty in China.

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