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English-Hindi > mongolian race

mongolian race meaning in Hindi

mongolian race sentence in Hindi
मंगोल जाति

मंगोलीय प्रजाति
mongolian    मंगोल मंगोलियन
race    शर्त बदी हुई दौड़
1.Mongolian races are long, up to 30 km, and can involve thousands of horses.

2.His classification of the Mongolian race included all East Asians and some Central Asians.

3.The Tangkhuls belong to the great Mongolian race which is spread all over the World.

4.Descendants of a Mongolian race, they follow the Donyi Polo faith, worshipping sun and moon gods.

5.They are descendants of a Mongolian race and follow the Donyi Polo faith, worshipping sun and moon gods.

6.Obviously says that Pao Leo the ancestor of  Naamai a Mongolian race was a son of the soil, Makhel.

7.Likening the Soviets to the forces of Genghis Khan, Hitler told Croatian military leader Slavko Kvaternik that the " Mongolian race " threatened Europe.

8.Gurung languages did not originally have a script but they can be written using Tibetan scripts adopted by many castes belonging to Mongolian races.

9.:: : : : I've taken some of the obsolete stuff out of Mongolian race, the same sort of stuff should probably7 be removed from this article.

10.The " Shelley " case concerned a privately made contract that prohibited " people of the Negro or Mongolian race " from living on a particular piece of land.

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