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English-Hindi > mongoloid race

mongoloid race meaning in Hindi

mongoloid race sentence in Hindi
मंगोल जाति

मंगोलकल्प प्रजाति
mongoloid    अर्ध मोंगोलाभ
race    शर्त बदी हुई दौड़
1.The Sonowal Kacharis belong to the Mongoloid race of people.

2.None of these is exactly of the Mongoloid race as classically defined.

3.He's done the same on Mongoloid race.

4.Finding blue spots in Japanese babies, he thought these spots were characteristic of the Mongoloid races.

5.Stratton concluded the Caucasoid and Mongoloid races were innately more intelligent enabling them to build strong cultures.

6.As others have point out, the idea of a Mongoloid race is now not particularly well supported.

7.Why were Shovel-shaped incisors developed in humans and why are they prevalent in the Mongoloid races?

8.According to the Meyers Konversations-Lexikon ( 1885 90 ), peoples included in the Mongoloid race are Native American.

9.By 1795, Blumenbach added another race called'Malay'which he considered a subcategory of both the Ethiopian and Mongoloid races.

10.Dr . Rukang Liukiang human fossils were an early type of evolving Mongoloid that indicated South China was the birthplace where the Mongoloid race originated.

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