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English-Hindi > sus scrofa

sus scrofa meaning in Hindi

sus scrofa sentence in Hindi
1.Wild pigs are the same animal, Sus scrofa, as domesticated pigs.

2.This article states that it is " Sus scrofa"

3.Also damaging to the ecosystem balance is the introduced wild boar, " Sus scrofa ".

4.Other threats are feral pigs Sus scrofa wallowing and destroying creek bank vegetation and crayfish burrows.

5.Hunting is also popular; the area is home to many deer and boar ( Sus scrofa ).

6.One key species of concern towards the ecosystem was the razorback hog ( Sus scrofa scrofa ).

7.Local fauna include wild boar ( sus scrofa ) and the Kyushu sika deer ( cervus nippon nippon ).

8.Introduced pigs ( " Sus scrofa " ) dig up burrows and black rats prey on birds and eggs.

9.The behaviour occurs particularly in domestic pigs ( " Sus scrofa domesticus " ); it is more frequent in eat the piglets.

10.The surrounding forest is home to an extensive population of wild boar ( Sus scrofa ) with deer, badgers and foxes also present.

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