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English-Hindi > toft

toft meaning in Hindi

toft sentence in Hindi
1.Toft Cricket Club is located at Booths Park, Chelford Road.

2.Toft has 23 listed buildings of special architectural or historic interest.

3.Toft is also co-owner of The Music Mill Studio.

4.Usually, says Toft, the cause of nest failure was unambiguous.

5.Scarborough also took a mistress named Ann Toft ( 1643 1687 ).

6.The cave a prehistoric man proved to be a toft.

7.After this he became the Toft and then the Vicar of Grantchester.

8.His brother was the landscape artist Joseph Alfonso Toft.

9.In 1900 Toft received a bronze medal at the Universal Exhibition in Paris.

10.Toft was eventually released without charge and returned home.

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