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English-Hindi > turdus merula

turdus merula meaning in Hindi

turdus merula sentence in Hindi
1.It was named the " Blackbird " after the common blackbird ( " Turdus merula " ) because of its colouring.

2.It can also be confused with the common blackbird " Turdus merula ", which differs most obviously in its longer tail and lack of plumage gloss.

3.The distributions of all species are limited to the Americas, and this group is distinct from the Eurasian common blackbird ( " Turdus merula " ).

4.It is a mixture of a few phrases like those of the common blackbird ( " Turdus merula " ) interspersed with whistles, guttural squeaks and call notes.

5.The tree species Aglaia bourdillonii, bird subspecies great eared-nightjar " Eurostopodus macrotis bourdilloni " and the blackbird " Turdus merula bourdilloni " are named after him.

6.The "'common blackbird "'( " Turdus merula " ) is a species of true thrush found throughout much of the world, though known under a variety of names.

7.Some birds are Columba livia, Alectoris graeca, Perdix perdix, Coturnix coturnix, Scolopax rusticola, Turdus merula, Turdus pilaris, Oriolus oriolus, Merops apiaster, eagles, vultures, Corvus corax, Pica pica and Sturnus vulgaris.

8.The " Oxford English Dictionary " describes it as " [ a ] mythical bird displaying ridiculous behaviour " and speculates that the word could have been suggested by the word " ouzel ", meaning a blackbird ( " Turdus merula " ).

9.For example searching for the Common Blackbird ( " Turdus merula " ), a common European species and featured article, on the Web of Science results in 406 citations, whereas the Andean Slaty Thrush ( " Turdus nigriceps " ), a South American species of the same genus covered by a stub article, has just one paper published on it.

10.Small birds are the primary animal species within the caldera, in addition to some larger birds, such as kites or seagulls; terrestrial birds include the Azores wood pigeon ( Motocilla cin�rea " ) and the Azorean common blackbird " ( Turdus merula azorensis " ), as well as marine birds such as yellow-legged gull ( " Larus cachinnans atlantis " ) and the common tern ( " Sterna hirundo " ).

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