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English-Hindi > unctad

unctad meaning in Hindi

unctad sentence in Hindi
1.The nomination would seem to put UNCTAD on a firmer footing.

2.UNCTAD aims to use trade to promote development in poor countries.

3.Http : / / www . unctad . org / ecommerce.

4.Increased trade liberalization could also help any recovery, UNCTAD said.

5.UNCTAD Secretary-General Rubens Ricupero told a news conference in Geneva.

6.Xfdws UNCTAD-MEET-ON-FEB-6 sked

7.UNCTAD : http : / / www . unctad . org

8.UNCTAD : http : / / www . unctad . org

9.This is a formalization of the working relationship with Unctad,

10.Http : / / www . unctad . org / ecommerce

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