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English-Hindi > west end

west end meaning in Hindi

west end sentence in Hindi
वेस्ट एंड
लंडन का पश्चीमी
west    पश्चिमी प्रदेश
end    फल अंतिम भाग अन्त
1.One can almost hear Armstrong wailing on the phenomenal West End Blues.

2.The damaged pilings were all on the west end of the bridge.

3.But the West End has always had room for unabashed adolescent silliness.

4.Old Bahama Bay in the ravaged West End community is closed indefinitely.

5.The grande old dame of the West End had her final bow.

6.Once I opened three times in the West End in one year.

7.Are the residents of 180 West End taking action against these hazards?

8.There is a large opening at the west end of Giants Stadium.

9.The West End production opened to a slightly more upbeat response.

10.These changes were later transferred back to the West End production.

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