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English-Hindi > xtc

xtc meaning in Hindi

xtc sentence in Hindi
• एक्सटेसी
1.X-ing : on ecstasy ( MDMA ) XTC : MDMA

2.XTC . TVT . 51 tracks . ( four CDs ).

3.Rock singer-musician Andy Partridge ( XTC ) is 44.

4.This does not appear on any other XTC / Dukes release.

5.XTC plied this trade before any psychedelic revival took hold.

6.XTC ( TVT, four CDs; $ 45 ).

7.But to people of the youth generation, the name XTC is cool.

8.Danny Huston, " Ivans xtc ."

9.Peter Weller, " Ivans xtc ."

10."Upsy Daisy Assortment "-- XTC ( Geffen Records)

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