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English-Hindi > a bag of bones

a bag of bones meaning in Hindi

a bag of bones sentence in Hindi
हड्डियों का ढाँचा
a    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
bag    बोरिया बहुत सारा
of    स् का की पर बाबत
bones    हड्डियाँ अस्थियाँ
1.Instantly, Bhringi lost all flesh and blood and he became a bag of bones.

2.But his appetite's returned, and each day he's a bit less a bag of bones.

3.But I'm trying to accept the Buddhist view that the body is a bag of bones.

4.He was simply a bag of bones.

5.As nothing more than a bag of bones, Skulduggery put himself back together, got up, and finished the war.

6."I'm a bag of bones,"

7.Grandma Fay, Just's former wife, is a bag of bones and can barely breathe, but she gamely smokes and drinks beer.

8.The attorney general of Chihuahua, Jesus Solis, acknowledged that in many cases there was almost no evidence except a bag of bones.

9.Weeks later, a bag of bones was the only answer she got back from the police to explain why her daughter was missing.

10.When the Americans liberated Dachau, one soldier described Pinto as " just a bag of bones, " when he delivered him to the nearby hospital.

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