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a ball of fire sentence in Hindi

"a ball of fire" meaning in Hindia ball of fire in a sentence
  • I rushed outside, and saw a car like a ball of fire.
  • A ball of fire fell from the sky with a deafening roar.
  • The ghost catches it and then disappears in a ball of fire.
  • He impacted the ground in a wrecking yard in a ball of fire,
  • It was a ball of fire with black smoke, and it was descending.
  • Then, suddenly, the graceful streak exploded into a ball of fire.
  • It appears the new deputy director is a ball of fire.
  • He looked like a ball of fire, exploded and disappeared all at once,
  • "What he has gotten is someone who's a ball of fire,"
  • Those who have seen it describe it as simply a ball of fire.
  • One explosion raised a ball of fire toward the southern part of the capital.
  • Witnesses reported hearing an explosion and then saw a ball of fire and smoke.
  • Later, he tells Belle that he also saw Gold holding a ball of fire.
  • I turned around to see this lady and she was a ball of fire.
  • Then a ball of fire exploded next to a tree.
  • It was a ball of fire for about 30 seconds.
  • He described hearing a blast and then seeing " a ball of fire ."
  • Some reported seeing a burst and a ball of fire.
  • I saw a ball of fire and a huge explosion,
  • The plane hit the ground " in a ball of fire, " he said.
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