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a bit of stuff sentence in Hindi

"a bit of stuff" meaning in Hindia bit of stuff in a sentence
  • We looked at quite a bit of stuff.
  • There was quite a bit of stuff,
  • Some people get on my case and there is a bit of stuff behind my back.
  • But she hasn't had a bit of stuff for ages, so I think she's due some romance.
  • :: Actually a Google Scholar search for " Protopterus aethiopicus DNA " finds quite a bit of stuff, some of it pretty recent.
  • I show quite a bit of stuff at school because, with gifted kids, I want them exposed to as much as I can possibly expose them to.
  • "We used to get quite a bit of stuff directly from UTMB, even though our business was with Augie's company in New Jersey,"
  • I should mention here that I've ordered quite a bit of stuff on-line from various places, using a credit card, and have found it most satisfactory.
  • WRH is at times unpleasantly rightwing and libertarian but does exhibit quite a bit of stuff which is going wrong in the world .-- Dagonweb 15 : 15, 1 June 2006 ( CET)
  • "There's actually quite a bit of stuff that's been written on this topic, " says Randy Lert, chief investment officer for the Frank Russell Co . in Tacoma.
  • Pluto orbits up to 4.6 billion miles from the Sun, giving the inner Solar System a diameter around 9.2 billion miles ( there's quite a bit of stuff farther out, too, though ).
  • "Although, touring the US isn't all there is to life . ( Guitarist ) Marty ( Willson-Piper ) and I did a bit of stuff, just the two of us playing acoustic guitar around the world and the band did a bit of work in Australia ."
  • "The mail-order business is something we got going about a year and a half ago in response to the Canadian dollar being so weak, " said Christine C . McQueen, a co-owner of Wolf BMW . " We sell quite a bit of stuff across the border ."
  • IT'S OUTDATED ALREADY ? : You'll have to search far and wide to find a home without TiVo, a DVD recorder or an LCD flat-screen TV . And if you find you simply can't leave home without your favorite movies, pictures and songs, Microsoft has developed the aptly named Portable Media Center, which stores everything you could ever want to access and quite a bit of stuff that you don't.
  • However if spoiler tags are to be abandoned, I would personally recommend that articles on books, movies, TV, video games etc . be written so that there is a spoiler free short blurb above the table of contents for the article that gives a brief idea about the subject, such as " A Clockwork Orange is a 1971 film by Stanley Kubrick and starring Malcolm McDowell, adapted from the 1962 novel by Anthony Burgess . " and a bit of stuff about the plot no more than you might expect to see on the back of the box, and putting any further information further below, preferably below the TOC, if the article has one, with the understanding that the main body of the article will be more detailed and probably spoileriffic.

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