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a bit thick sentence in Hindi

"a bit thick" meaning in Hindi
  • He's a bit thick in the middle, but that's to be expected.
  • It is a bit thick and tends to scorch if you don't add water.
  • True, the action is laid on a bit thick.
  • Laying it on a bit thick there, eh?
  • His accent is a bit thick at times, but muddle through-- it's worth it . 4 stars.
  • He again likes to appear a bit thick so that he can take advantage of Boycie s ignorance.
  • I'm just a bit thick-headed sometimes, but I can be sharp and useful when I catch on to things.
  • Sorry to sound a bit thick .  Preceding talk ) 16 : 51, 19 May 2009 ( UTC)
  • But a surfeit of stone and symmetry, particularly at the building's top-heavy crown, lays the gravity on a bit thick.
  • While Howard's Irish brogue is a bit thick and unconvincing, the veteran actor is still a welcome presence on series television.
  • He also took a bricklaying lesson, at which he wasn't half bad, though he laid the mortar on a bit thick.
  • And while director Ron Howard lays it on a bit thick, his star, the astonishing Russell Crowe, countermands him scene after scene.
  • That might have been laying it on a bit thick, but Foreman's career unquestionably is one of the most remarkable in sports history.
  • "I thought she was a bit thick, " said the actress, " and struggling, but I didn't see her as a monster ."
  • Forrest lays his evil, wealthy cowboy on a bit thick, but for the most part the acting meets the undemanding requirements of the screenplay.
  • Well-constructed though they are, tunes such as " 5 Shots of Whiskey " and " Walkin'With Sorrow " pour the I'm-a-lonely-hell-raiser shtick on a bit thick.
  • The tempura batter on the soft shell crabs ( $ 28 ) was a bit thick at a recent meal, but the crabs were juicy and sweet.
  • The open source Warzone 2100 is fun, even if it's aging and the pathfinding AI is a bit thick . e 17 : 31, 15 October 2009 ( UTC)
  • And while director Ron Howard ( who won the best director Oscar ) lays it on a bit thick, his star, the astonishing Russell Crowe, countermands him scene after scene.
  • If you were writing a sitcom about the Royal Family, would you have Harry coming over as a bit thick, Fergie being rather attention-seeking and Camilla as a cartoon villain?
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