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a bright spark sentence in Hindi

"a bright spark" meaning in Hindi
  • Kelvin is a bright spark and full of initiative.
  • A bright spark decided the old benches could be sold, not as memorabilia but as firewood.
  • Comedy was definitely what Truus did best-and she was a bright spark in often uninspired films.
  • A bright spark for the team was star American guard 1989, they withdrew again and ceased operations.
  • Loville did not reach the end zone on a run wide left . It was a bright spark for the Colts.
  • I'll never have to drink cold coffee again, " a bright spark runs up and shouts into the microphone.
  • Karen Nussbaum, a bright spark from Robert Reich's Labor Department, has been hired to bring more women into the fold.
  • For King, who lives near Bangor, Maine, and is already the author of 30 novels and a half-dozen story collections, the idea " struck a bright spark in my imagination ."
  • How about glint, glisten, sparkle, or even better, scintillate, pronounced sintillate-a scintilla is the Latin for a spark, so if you are a bright spark yourself, put a thesaurus on your shelf!
  • For all his deviousness Malagurski is quite a bright spark and nimble on his feet in his combativeness whereas UrbanVillager is a plodder, and User : Cin�ma C is rather similar, so my guess is that they're ( possibly Global Research ) proxies rather than direct incarnations of Malagurski.
  • Nicias would've been in his late 40's at the time, and Alcibiades was able to out-manoeuvre and embarrass him in the Athenian Assembly-certainly a clear indication that the democracy did not defer to more experienced politicians if a bright spark was mouthy enough . ( And Alcibiades had a reputation for being unruly ).
  • I also much enjoyed Howard Rheingold's " Virtual Reality " ( Secker & Warburg ), which describes the computer-created world waiting around the corner of the century, and Simon Schama's " Dead Certainties " ( Granta ), which sent a bright spark between history and fiction : illuminating . }}

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