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English-Hindi > a close thing

a close thing meaning in Hindi

a close thing sentence in Hindi
नाज़ुक स्थिति
कड़ा मुकाबला
a    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
close    मूंदना अंत अन्त
thing    बेचारा काम मामला
1.I have to say it was always going to be a close thing,

2.If this were a vote, it would be a close thing.

3."It's all a closed thing now,"

4.But ratification of the U . S . Constitution was also a close thing and state power faded slowly.

5.It was a close thing, but the nom finally failed, primarily because of concerns about the quantity of plot-related information.

6.I was glad I could read enough to be able to change it back to english, but it was a close thing!

7.It was a close thing but the phone on death row rang just in time Thursday to save Hop the Easter bunny.

8.VfD Policy does not state that closure is reserved to an admin unless it's a close thing or a vote to delete.

9.In the end, GOP leaders knew they had the votes, but it was a closer thing than they had acknowledged in the past few days.

10.However, it is not a vote, but an assessment of the strength of arguments in the light of Wikipedia's policies and guidelines, and it is not a close thing.

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