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English-Hindi > a stitch in time

a stitch in time meaning in Hindi

a stitch in time sentence in Hindi
वक्त का एक टाँका बेवक्त के सौ टाँकों से बढकर है
a    एक कोई अ अंग्रेजी
stitch    एक प्रकार की सिलाई
in    अंदर का सत्तारूढ़
in time    ताल के अनुसार समय
time    युग समय देखना
1.A stitch in time saves millions of dollars and thousands of lives.

2.E does not MC . A stitch in time saves 53.

3.Chapman first starred alongside Wisdom in 1957's " A Stitch in Time ".

4.It was like proving a stitch in time saves nine.

5.Lanegan also appears on The Twilight Singers EP, " A Stitch in Time ".

6.A stitch in time would have indeed saved nine.

7."A stitch in time saves a fortune at the dry cleaner " _ modern proverb.

8.A stitch in time saves nine, and all that, for his sake as well as Wikipedia's.

9.A stitch in time saves nine.

10.Corgan says he considers the sound a return to the Pumpkins'" sitar-tinged " A Stitch in Time ".

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