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English-Hindi > absolute acceptance

absolute acceptance meaning in Hindi

absolute acceptance sentence in Hindi

• निरपेक्ष सकार
• निरपेक्ष स्वीकृति
• निरपेक्ष स्‍वीकृति
• पूर्ण स्वीकृति
absolute    परम सिद्धांत परम
acceptance    अनुमोदन परिग्रह
1.These included absolute acceptance of any circumstance and consistent good cheer in the face of any difficulty.

2.Lamb dedicated the chapel to the mother of God, whom he regards as embodiment of absolute acceptance and love.

3."A lot has to do with the owner's personality, the owner's absolute acceptance of nature and if you truly love animals,"

4.Christianity as a whole does not demand absolute refusal ( or absolute acceptance ) of Darwinian evolution, even if " some"

5.In the law of contracts, the "'mirror image rule, "'also referred to as an unequivocal and absolute acceptance requirement, states that an offer must be accepted exactly with no modifications.

6.In contrast to modern science, he saw traditional thought as having a limited awareness of theoretical alternatives and, consequently, displaying " an absolute acceptance of the established theoretical tenets " ( Horton, 1967, pp . 155 6 ).

7.They then traveled about India incognito, without money, begging for their food, carrying out Baba's instructions and living in strict accordance with a set of " conditions of the New Life . " These included absolute acceptance of the circumstances of their lives, and consistent good cheer in the face of any difficulty.

8.Both the personal and the national sentiments are treated from a deep religious viewpoint that discusses existentialism The spiritual crisis in " Il-Jien u lil hinn Minnu " is analyzed in universal human terms that illuminate man's existence and insist on the inexplicability of the relations between God and man, except for the latter's absolute acceptance of the formers hidden power.

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