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abuse of power sentence in Hindi

"abuse of power" meaning in Hindi
  • Five of the 10 charges against Anwar relate to abuse of power.
  • Yugoslavia is investigating charges of corruption and abuse of power against him.
  • Anwar is currently on trial on four counts of abuse of power.
  • Anwar is currently on trial for four counts of abuse of power.
  • But taking my possessions on the spot is an abuse of power.
  • Who will be brave enough to take on this abuse of power?
  • It all had to do with an abuse of power and politics.
  • Q : Governmental abuse of power is a recurring theme for you.
  • Yugoslavia plans to Milosevic for corruption and abuse of power at home.
  • Who gave the order for what was clearly an abuse of power?
  • The indictment also contained charges of abuse of power and destroying evidence.
  • Di Pietro was being investigated for allegedly graft and abuse of power.
  • Anwar is being tried for alleged abuse of power and sexual misconduct.
  • This is the same flagrant abuse of power you see in Washington,
  • For abuse of power, we need look no further than Burton.
  • This is an abuse of power by the corrections officers involved,
  • The crimes are suspected to include bribery and abuse of power.
  • Both have contended with accusations of corruption and abuse of power.
  • They are charged with abuse of power and falsification of documents.
  • The four were charged with aggravated assault and abuse of power.
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