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English-Hindi > abuse of power

abuse of power meaning in Hindi

abuse of power sentence in Hindi

अधिकार का दुरुपयोग
शक्ति का दुरुपयोग
शक्‍ति का दुरुपयोग
शक्‍ति का दुरुप्रयोग
abuse    अपशब्द अधिक
of    स् का की पर बाबत
power    राज विद्युत्
1.Five of the 10 charges against Anwar relate to abuse of power.

2.Yugoslavia is investigating charges of corruption and abuse of power against him.

3.Anwar is currently on trial on four counts of abuse of power.

4.Anwar is currently on trial for four counts of abuse of power.

5.But taking my possessions on the spot is an abuse of power.

6.Who will be brave enough to take on this abuse of power?

7.It all had to do with an abuse of power and politics.

8.Q : Governmental abuse of power is a recurring theme for you.

9.Yugoslavia plans to Milosevic for corruption and abuse of power at home.

10.Who gave the order for what was clearly an abuse of power?

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