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English-Hindi > abuse of trust

abuse of trust meaning in Hindi

abuse of trust sentence in Hindi

न्यास का दुरुपयोग
abuse    अपशब्द अधिक
of    स् का की पर बाबत
trust    यक़ीन आशा
1.Grady said, " that makes this abuse of trust more severe ."

2.The Belgian investigation centers around claims of fraud, forgery and abuse of trust.

3.They are charged with money laundering, fraud, writing bad checks and abuse of trust.

4.This is a disgraceful abuse of trust on your part.

5.And that's what abuse of trust is about ."

6.Abuse of trust and double-dealing are all-too-human traits.

7.The guidelines, the court said, would enhance the punishment viewing their actions as an abuse of trust.

8.There was an abuse of trust here.

9.The question of abuse of trust comes into play when sexual relations between teacher and student are present.

10.This was an abuse of trust.

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