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English-Hindi > accelerator board

accelerator board meaning in Hindi

accelerator board sentence in Hindi

त्वरक पट्ट
accelerator    त्वरक त्वरित्र
board    मंडल बराबर आना
1.This accelerator board was designed for Amiga 3000 and Amiga 4000.

2.On May 12, 1997, Phase5 announced PowerUP accelerator board for Amiga 2000 computers.

3.AmigaOS 4.0 for Amigas equipped with PowerUP accelerator boards was released in November 2007.

4.Truevision produced an i860-based accelerator board intended for use with their Targa and Vista framebuffer cards.

5._Monster 3D II Model X100 Video Accelerator Board, to push polygons onto the monitor at eye-popping rates.

6."' PowerUP "'boards were dual-processor 68k PowerPC accelerator boards designed by Phase5 Digital Products for Amiga computers.

7.Classic Macintosh accelerator boards using PowerPCs were made by DayStar Digital, Newer Technology, Sonnet Technologies, and TotalImpact.

8.The new version is PowerPC-native, finally abandoning the Motorola 68k A4000 with PowerPC accelerator boards and AmigaOne motherboards.

9.On April 8, 2008, Fixstars Corporation released a PCI Express accelerator board based on the PowerXCell 8i processor.

10.There is no detailed information about how many PowerPC accelerator boards Phase5 ( and later DCE ) sold.

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