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accelerator pump sentence in Hindi

"accelerator pump" meaning in Hindiaccelerator pump in a sentence
  • Many have an accelerator pump, an automatic turbocharged engines feature a temperature compensator.
  • The Amals on the GT were replaced by 30 mm Dell'Ortos with accelerator pumps.
  • :An accelerator pump portion is either remotely mounted or mounted on the carburetor body.
  • By contrast, the fixed choke design adds extra fuel under these conditions using its accelerator pump.
  • Wherever possible the bike was lightened, and new 40 mm Dell'Orto carburetors with accelerator pumps were used.
  • The accelerator pump is also used to " prime " the engine with fuel prior to a cold start.
  • Whereas other BMW boxers had Bing slide constant velocity carburetor, the R90S was fitted with accelerator pump Dell'Orto carburetors.
  • The over-square engine, that met Euro1, was fed by a Keihin slide type carburetor with accelerator pump for better pick-up.
  • The accelerator pump is either mechanically connected to the throttle, or it is operated by sensing the manifold pressure change when the throttle is opened.
  • This serves as the equivalent of an " accelerator pump " on traditional carburettors by temporarily increasing the speed of air through the venturi, thus increasing the richness of the mixture.
  • In a carbureted engine equipped with an accelerator pump ( which advances fuel flow to match air ingestion under rapid throttle acceleration ),'pumping'the throttle will force excess fuel into the engine, further flooding it.
  • But I'd had it with the Volare's drivability problems . ( It stalled most every time it was asked to take a sharp left turn from a stop because its one-barrel carburetor needed regular replacement of both accelerator pumps and floats ).
  • :In 1980, Honda only offered one model, designated as the Hawk, now simply designated CB400T . The CM400E took over the role of the cheaper Hawk I . It is similar to the European accelerator pumps were fitted to comply with US emissions controls.

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