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English-Hindi > accompanying supplies

accompanying supplies meaning in Hindi

accompanying supplies sentence in Hindi
1.The guided missile destroyer Qingdao and the accompanying supply ship Taicang crossed the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean on Wednesday and arrived in the seaport of Alexandria on Friday for a five-day visit.

2.After getting a degree in agriculture from the University of Vermont, he served in World War II, accompanying supplies over the Burmese hump to Chiang Kai-shek's forces in central China, said Lawrence Kunin, Marks'cousin.

3.The crews of the cruiser " Geier " and an accompanying supply ship, which sought refuge from the Japanese Navy in Honolulu in November 1914, were similarly interned, becoming POWs when the US entered the war.

4.Guy Delage, nearly one month into his voyage toward the West Indies with an accompanying supply raft, said he was swimming a stretch devoid of fish when suddenly he saw the open jaws of a 2 1 / 2-meter ( an 18-foot ) shark.

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