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English-Hindi > account book

account book meaning in Hindi

account book sentence in Hindi
• चिट्ठा
• बाही-खाता
• लेखा-बही
• लेखा बही
• बही खाता

• लेखाबही
account    विवरण कारण
book    ग्रंथ लेखा-बही
1.The next day of Diwali, the merchants change their account books and start using new account-books.
दीपावली के दूसरे दिन व्यापारी अपने पुराने बहीखाते बदल देते हैं।

2.Finance Minister Singh , whose job is to keep a tight control on wasteful expenditure , tried to suppress his worries while admitting that the Jharkhand Government opened its account books with a deficit of Rs 52 crore but had a surplus of Rs 72 crore at the beginning of the new financial year .

a record in which commercial accounts are recorded; "they got a subpoena to examine our books"
Synonyms: ledger, leger, book of account, book,

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