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English-Hindi > act of insolvency

act of insolvency meaning in Hindi

act of insolvency sentence in Hindi

दिवालिएपन का कार्य
दिवालियेपन का कृत्य
act    प्रदर्शन अधिनियम
of    स् का की पर बाबत
insolvency    ऋणशोधनाक्षमता
1.An act of insolvency need not be committed vis-?vis the sequestrating creditor.

2.In the court s view, it could not be inferred that Strauss had committed the act of insolvency alleged.

3.The court may, therefore, exercise its discretion against sequestration, notwithstanding proof of an act of insolvency and the other requirements.

4.He convicted the appellant because he must have been aware, when he left the Union, of the act of insolvency which must have preceded his sequestration.

5.An arrangement or an offer qualifies as an act of insolvency in terms of this subsection only if it is indicative of the debtor s inability to pay his debts.

6.In the early 1790s extended illnesses among several Chandler family members caused Thomas Chandler, Jr . financial difficulties and he successfully petitioned the state legislature for an Act of Insolvency.

7.The words  any of his debts should be interpreted as meaning that a debtor commits an act of insolvency if he gives notice of inability to pay any single debt.

8.The debtor does not commit this act of insolvency by informing the creditor orally that he cannot pay his debts, although he does provide the creditor with evidence of actual insolvency.

9.An offer of a certain amount in the rand, subject to the debtor s being allowed an extension of time to pay the balance, does not amount to an act of insolvency.

10.An act of insolvency may be proved and relied upon even though it is contained in a communication that would ordinarily be privileged from disclosure, such as an offer marked  without prejudice . 

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