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English-Hindi > act of law

act of law meaning in Hindi

act of law sentence in Hindi

विधि का कार्य
act    प्रदर्शन अधिनियम
of    स् का की पर बाबत
law    उपदेश कानून
1.What we lack is the concrete rules that regulate the acts of law enforcers,

2.PWA was one of the first groups ever to be prosecuted under this act of law.

3.Consequently, the volume number is not assigned to acts of law published since 1 January 2012.

4.As the ultimate legislative body in Malaysia, the Parliament is responsible for passing, amending and repealing acts of law.

5.The medal was established in 1970 ( though it has been given retroactively ) by act of law in the Knesset.

6.At present, the Bumiputra privileges both enshrined in Article 153 and as set out by other acts of law, remain in force.

7.This Convention safeguards human rights of individuals, what means that also every single disabled person is subject of this act of law.

8.Lois is then framed for several acts of law-breaking, and they tries to make it seem like Lois is having a mental breakdown.

9.In 1916, a board of five Army generals on the retired list convened under act of law to review every Army Medal of Honor awarded.

10.As a local paper editorialized, " We regard the hanging of Leo M . Frank in Cobb County as an act of law-abiding citizens ."

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