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action and reaction sentence in Hindi

"action and reaction" meaning in Hindi
  • Maderna leaves space for on-the-spot action and reaction between the two elements.
  • Because we're all armchair quarterbacks, judging actions and reactions with unearned authority.
  • Levels of emotional discipline determine the nature of action and reaction.
  • The persons and animals in the compositions engage in disorganised actions and reactions.
  • Observing their actions and reactions to various situations gives one a certain assurance.
  • Action and reaction, equal and opposite, work itself out repeatedly in the stock market.
  • People are responsible for their own actions and reactions, and I take full responsibility.
  • These unwanted responses can lead to a destructive cycle of negative action and reaction.
  • Still, Vasquez said last week, the faraway actions and reactions of others affect him.
  • The cycle of action and reaction, affront and retaliation, appears only to be deepening.
  • As a physics teacher, he knows all about the laws of action and reaction.
  • They function on Newton's Third Law of action and reaction.
  • Lessons cover topics such as the laws of action and reaction, precipitation, compensation, and transmutation.
  • The gay-liberation movement used to move forward in fits and starts of action and reaction.
  • Each Stooge developed their own signature action and reaction.
  • Dati argued fortune was predictable, acting in response to action and reaction by people and events.
  • "The cycle of violent action and reaction in the Middle East must stop, " he said.
  • They also urge one another to try to understand the emotions motivating their clients'actions and reactions.
  • You get action and reaction all the time.
  • The purpose of the HMBG books is to help break the cycle of negative action and reaction.
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