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action at law sentence in Hindi

"action at law" meaning in Hindi
  • Even worse, discovery was generally unavailable in actions at law.
  • Actions at law had a right to a jury, actions in equity did not.
  • He can bring an action at law if he likes.
  • He could not recover possession by action at law.
  • However, the action at law became obsolete and relief became available from the Court of Chancery.
  • In England in 1791, civil actions were divided into actions at law and actions in equity.
  • Some are civil resistance actions, others are actions at law, and some are directly working on the street.
  • The second stage is like an action at law to determine which of the claimants is entitled to the res.
  • Between April 1817 and January 1821 Bigge reported that the Court dealt with 165 actions at law and 13 suits in equity.
  • The judgment said :  This court wants to make it clear that an action at law is not a game of chess.
  • The Process Act of 1792 authorized the federal courts to write their own procedural rules for " everything " but actions at law.
  • The suggestion that suits in equity do not drain money as frightfully as actions at law, however, is belied by the paradigm case.
  • Every action at law in a court of the United States must be governed by the rule or by the exceptions which the statute provides.
  • To the question certified, therefore, it must be answered that an action at law will not lie, and that the only remedy is by a suit in equity.
  • If a matter involving an action at law did come before the court, however, a jury would likely be empaneled and would hear the case alongside the justices of the Court.
  • The record of appeal was prepared as either bill of exceptions for writ of error from an action at law or a transcript for an appeal from a suit in equity.
  • In consequence of which, had the defendant been disposed to impound any cattle, he could not have done so without making himself liable to an action at law for a trespass.
  • Interpleader is a civil procedure developed under equity jurisprudence, though originally it was derived the interpleader form of action at law, which only applied to bailees subject to multiple actions of detinue.
  • These are the exceptions which the statute provides to its positive rule that the mode of trial in actions at law shall be by oral testimony and examination of witnesses in open court.
  • Blackstone considered it " a general and indisputable rule, that where there is a legal right, there is also a legal remedy, by suit or action at law, whenever that right is invaded ."
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