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action mechanism sentence in Hindi

"action mechanism" meaning in Hindi
  • It could be through a class action mechanism, " she said.
  • One could compare their sound to that of some snap-action mechanisms.
  • "Europe Engulfed " is notable for its Special Action mechanism.
  • Cartridges are fed into the chamber by a manually operated rifle-type rotary bolt action mechanism.
  • Situational theories : The importance of interactions and action mechanisms in the explanation of crime.
  • The action mechanism of a key consists of the key itself and all its appurtenances.
  • Ron Smith of Smith Enterprise, Inc . was the main designer of the double action mechanism.
  • The M1877's early double-action mechanism proved to be both intricate and delicate, and thus prone to breakage.
  • The company began to specialize in manufacturing ivory piano keys in 1839 and eventually piano action mechanisms.
  • First demonstration of non-quantal transmitter release on mouse diaphragm and analysis of the release and action mechanism.
  • With the traditional pump-action mechanism located under the barrel, there is no convenient forward location for a magazine.
  • The Galand's double-action mechanism allowed for rapid firing but the longer trigger pull made this less accurate than single-action fire.
  • That is true as to only the earliest Kerrs produced, but all the later production were of the simpler single-action mechanism.
  • That is why the class-action mechanism is necessary, to give the little guy a chance against a transnational giant like Coca-Cola.
  • Hammer drills look similar to ordinary heavy-duty drills, but they are fitted with a hammer-action mechanism that converts rotary motion into percussive blows.
  • The Daisy Model 25, modeled after a pump-action shotgun with a trombone pump-action mechanism, dominated the low-price, higher-performance market for over 50 years.
  • Lile had the piano action removed and a glass box built around it so that the camera could film the hammers and action mechanism working.
  • But in rifles, the lever-action mechanism patents were not obstructed by Rollin White's patent infringement because White only held a patent concerning drilled cylinders and revolving mechanisms.
  • Earlier pedal harps had a single-action mechanism which only allowed strings to play sharpened notes, the first of which was made in 1720 by Jacob Hochbrucker in Bavaria.
  • Over time and when exposed to heat, the glue broke down causing the glue to seep into the keyboard action mechanism and sometime causing the weights to fall off.
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