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English-Hindi > action mechanism

action mechanism meaning in Hindi

action mechanism sentence in Hindi
• कलपुर्जों का चालन
action    युद्ध अभियोग रचना
mechanism    क्रियाविधि तंत्र
1.It could be through a class action mechanism, " she said.

2.One could compare their sound to that of some snap-action mechanisms.

3."Europe Engulfed " is notable for its Special Action mechanism.

4.Cartridges are fed into the chamber by a manually operated rifle-type rotary bolt action mechanism.

5.Situational theories : The importance of interactions and action mechanisms in the explanation of crime.

6.The action mechanism of a key consists of the key itself and all its appurtenances.

7.Ron Smith of Smith Enterprise, Inc . was the main designer of the double action mechanism.

8.The M1877's early double-action mechanism proved to be both intricate and delicate, and thus prone to breakage.

9.The company began to specialize in manufacturing ivory piano keys in 1839 and eventually piano action mechanisms.

10.First demonstration of non-quantal transmitter release on mouse diaphragm and analysis of the release and action mechanism.

the operating part that transmits power to a mechanism; "the piano had a very stiff action"
Synonyms: action,

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