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English-Hindi > affluent society

affluent society meaning in Hindi

affluent society sentence in Hindi

समृद्ध समाज
affluent    सहायक नदी
society    सामाजिक जीवन
1.Yuppies are prone to lifestyle narcissism, from lounging in a soft, affluent society.

2.Still another factor limiting bureaucratic power was the emergence of an affluent society.

3.These are the reasons the original affluent society is that of the hunter-gatherer.

4.An affluent society, perhaps, has something to do with this.

5.They fear unfettered communication could bring strife to their clean, safe and affluent society.

6.Nevertheless, even the affluent societies of the West are chronically suffering from unemployment problems anyway.

7.We're still the most affluent society in the world.

8.Sahlins'work on hunter-gatherers as the " original affluent society " did much to dissipate that image.

9.In his best-selling book, " The Affluent Society,"

10.Thousands more work illegally, attracted by strong demand and high wages in this newly affluent society.

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