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agrarian reform sentence in Hindi

"agrarian reform" meaning in Hindi
  • She also appointed three FSLN cabinet members, including one for agrarian reform.
  • These moves were later legalized through an agrarian reform the same year.
  • CARPer stands for " Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms ".
  • After declaring martial law in 1972, Marcos promised to implement agrarian reforms.
  • _AGRARIAN REFORM, Maria Teresa Herrera : Judge from northern Nuevo Leon state.
  • One of the measures he took was making a new agrarian reform.
  • The agrarian reform, according to Norman Davies, was moderate and very popular.
  • He was not injured but his Secretary of Agrarian Reform was wounded.
  • Pr�val also instituted an aggressive program of agrarian reform in Haiti's countryside.
  • Misuari said during the forum that included Agrarian Reform Secretary Ernesto Garilao.
  • Even before the government initiated agrarian reforms, Manalo established model land reforms.
  • Now their lands was distributed to the people through the Agrarian Reform.
  • As a result, an agrarian reform program was initiated by the Commonwealth.
  • Marchers sometimes have carried signs celebrating agrarian reform or the Moncada attack.
  • Agrarian reform had come close to extinction in the early 1930s.
  • On its own, the group has also implemented agrarian reform programs in Putumayo.
  • The country needs to overcome its fear of the Agrarian Reform,
  • The official title of the agrarian reform bill was Decree 900.
  • The Agrarian reform was a cornerstone priority of the Moldavian Democratic Republic government.
  • Under Castro, Rodriguez headed departments for economic planning, agrarian reform and other fields.
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