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English-Hindi > agrarian reform

agrarian reform meaning in Hindi

agrarian reform sentence in Hindi

• कृषि-भूमि सुधार
• कृषिभूमि सुधार
agrarian    कृषि भूमि संबंधी
reform    सुधराव सुधार
1.She also appointed three FSLN cabinet members, including one for agrarian reform.

2.These moves were later legalized through an agrarian reform the same year.

3.CARPer stands for " Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms ".

4.After declaring martial law in 1972, Marcos promised to implement agrarian reforms.

5._AGRARIAN REFORM, Maria Teresa Herrera : Judge from northern Nuevo Leon state.

6.One of the measures he took was making a new agrarian reform.

7.The agrarian reform, according to Norman Davies, was moderate and very popular.

8.He was not injured but his Secretary of Agrarian Reform was wounded.

9.Pr�val also instituted an aggressive program of agrarian reform in Haiti's countryside.

10.Misuari said during the forum that included Agrarian Reform Secretary Ernesto Garilao.

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