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English-Hindi > air pressure system

air pressure system meaning in Hindi

air pressure system sentence in Hindi

वायुदाब तंत्र
air    वायुमंडल
air pressure    वायु दाब वायु दबाव
pressure    दुख परेशानी
pressure system    दाब तंत्र pressure दुख
system    सिस्टम क्रम डौल
1.The locomotive didn't have an air pressure system.

2.The ongoing high air pressure system in Australia, which created a north wind-- which is dry and fast-- has blown away clouds being brought in by the west wind to Indonesia from Asia.

3.The Glovebox has a viewport ( window ) into a clean workspace, built-in gloves for manipulation of samples and equipment, a negative air pressure system, a filter system, and an entry door for passing materials and experiments into and out of the work area.

4.The dashboard instrumentation includes speedometer with odometer, indicators, alternator charging, differential interlock engagement, air pressure system warning, parking brake engagement and engine overheating indicator, and switches for headlights, heater and ventilation, windscreen wipers, indicators, differential interlock, hand throttle and engine shutdown; the models with tandem axle are also equipped with tandem lifting and lowering switches.

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