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English-Hindi > air pump

air pump meaning in Hindi

air pump sentence in Hindi
वायु पंप

वायु पम्प
air    वायुमंडल
pump    कद्दू पम्प जूता
1.The air pump construction was greatly improved by Robert Hooke in 1658.

2.The skirt is inflated by an air pump, normally using a propeller.

3.Filtration may be aided with an air pump to improve wearer comfort.

4.Condenser air pumps were provided on the opposite side from the cylinders.

5.One of the most efficient manual ventilator designs is the Kearny Air Pump.

6.Later, his interest in diving led to him to design an air pump.

7.Aquaculture suffered heavy losses when air pumps in ponds fell silent, suffocating fish.

8.A secondary air pump was also added to help meet LEV2.

9.Well-acted and nicely staged, " Air Pump " is worth the admission price.

10.They use an air pump to get him back to normal.

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a pump that moves air in or out of something
Synonyms: vacuum pump,

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