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English-Hindi > alfred north whitehead

alfred north whitehead meaning in Hindi

alfred north whitehead sentence in Hindi
अल्फ़्रेड नौर्थ व्हाइटहेड
alfred    अल्फ़्रेड
north    उतर उत्तर उदीचि
whitehead    व्हाइटहेड सफ़ेद
1.In 1899 Alfred North Whitehead promoted Universal algebra, advocating for inclusivity.

2.Bioethics has also benefited from the process philosophy developed by Alfred North Whitehead.

3.Mumford was an avid reader of Alfred North Whitehead's philosophy of the organism.

4.In analogy to Alfred North Whitehead's notion of " actual occurrence,"

5.Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead championed this theory fathered by Gottlob Frege.

6.Most of the members were influenced by the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead.

7.Stapp has taken interest in the work of Alfred North Whitehead.

8.Alfred North Whitehead set his metaphysical thinking in opposition to reductionism.

9.Alfred North Whitehead was a twentieth-century exponent of this approach.

10.Alfred North Whitehead was aware of the existence of the newly discovered Gnostic scrolls.

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