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English-Hindi > alternate angle

alternate angle meaning in Hindi

alternate angle sentence in Hindi

एकांतर कोण
alternate    हर दूसरा दूसरा
angle    कोना बंसी कोण कोना
1.One popular technique is to have alternating angled surfaces through the stack of baffles.

2.Some of these angle pairs have specific names and are discussed below : corresponding angles, alternate angles, and consecutive angles.

3.Then one of the alternate angles is an exterior angle equal to the other angle which is an opposite interior angle in the triangle.

4.A separate crew must be hired to generate specialized statistics and operate the extra cameras required for replays, alternate angles and isolated camera shots.

5.His refusal to leave the country can be judged as being a result of na�vet?or blind optimism, but Hoveida's decision can also be assessed from alternate angles.

6.Angles are all still 120 degrees so this polygon satisfies the alternate angle condition, but it is clearly not cyclic . talk ) 07 : 38, 31 March 2012 ( UTC)

7.:: : So is it true whenever the number of sides n is even that a polygon is cyclic iff each set of alternate angles sums to 90�� ( n 2 )?

8.He also discovered and proved that with any given flat point in an origami model, the sum of alternating angles is always equal to 180 degrees, a result now known as Kawasaki's theorem.

9.It follows from Euclid's parallel postulate that if the two lines are parallel, then the angles of a pair of alternate angles of a transversal are congruent ( Proposition 1.29 of Euclid's elements ).

10.Jibing is a less common technique than tacking, since a sailboat can sail straight downwind, whereas it cannot sail directly into the wind and has to sail a zig-zag course at alternating angles into the wind.

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