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English-Hindi > alternate application

alternate application meaning in Hindi

alternate application sentence in Hindi

वैकल्पिक अनुप्रयोग
alternate    हर दूसरा दूसरा
application    संप्रयोग अमल
1.You can also alternate applications of a balanced fertilizer with applications of diluted fish emulsion.

2.In 1944, in the later days of Frederic de Hoffman published speculative ideas regarding alternate applications of nuclear energy.

3.Furthermore, the alternating application and relief of pressure beneath the buttocks improves circulation and thus improves posterior tolerance to sustained sitting.

4.But unknown to most pilots, according to aviation authorities, the engineers intend a single application of the rudder, not a repeated, alternating application, which in the case of Flight 587 built up a swinging motion that broke the tail.

5.Alternate applications for wikis began to emerge, usually imitating the look-and-feel of WikiWikiWeb / Wiki Base; such applications were originally known as " WikiWikiClones . " The first one was most likely created by IBM programmer Patrick Mueller, who wrote his in the REXX language, even before Wiki Base was released.

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